What’s covered in the National Home Inspector Examination?

The Content Outline includes:

  • Inspection methods
  • Reporting
  • Building Systems, including exterior systems, structural systems, roofing systems, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, insulating and ventilating systems, plumbing systems, interior systems, and fireplace and chimney systems
  • Professional practice
How many questions are on the exam? How much time do I have?

The National Home Inspector Examination contains 200 multiple-choice questions. You are given four hours to complete the exam.

Does it matter in which state I take the exam?

Yes! The exam is administered nationwide by PSI at 250 proctored test center locations throughout the United States and is accepted in every state where is it required EXCEPT:

If you are seeking licensing in Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee or Washington State , you MUST take the National Home Inspector Examination through those states’ contracted test administrators.

When can I take the National Home Inspector Examination?

The exam is available at any time the testing center you select is open for business and has seats available. Advance registration is required.

How much does the exam cost?

The National Home Inspector Examination fee is $225 per test in most states and $325 in Canada. Please confirm when you call the testing center to register.

How do I study for the exam?

There are many home inspector training companies and programs throughout North America. EBPHI does not review or endorse these programs; be sure to compare any curriculum you are considering to the Content Outline of the National Home Inspector Examination. Visit   http://www.nhiestudyguide.org to purchase the NHIE Study Guide or Manual.

Every question on the National Home Inspector Examination is referenced to a published source or based on the consensus of the Subject Matter Experts (SME).  This Reference List does not imply that study of all or only these materials is required to pass the examination.

How is the examination scored?

The National Home Inspector Examination is “scale scored” from 200-800, with 500 as the passing score. Your pass/fail status is determined by whether you answered enough questions correctly to meet or to exceed the passing score of the examination. This passing score is established by the methodology suggested in accepted standards for public protection examinations.

When will I receive my score?

In the U.S., you will receive one copy of your official passing score sheet before you leave the testing center. In Canada, they mail the score report to the candidate. Score sheets vary depending on your state and testing center. Your passing score sheets may show your score on the scale of 200-800, with 500 as the pass point or they may just state PASS or FAIL. In most states, failing score sheets show a graph of your performance in each content area of the examination. To find out more about what to expect on your score sheet you can contact your testing center directly.

Will the score be sent automatically to the licensing agency in my state?

No. You will receive your official score sheet with unique identification number and digital photo at the end of the examination. It’s your responsibility to follow through with the appropriate authority in your state.

How do I register to take the exam?
Is there a sample test available?

A sample test of 50 questions is available ONLINE ONLY for a fee of $50.00. The sample test covers the identical content areas in the same proportions as the National Home Inspector Examination. You may review questions and your answers, and print out a score sheet indicating your performance in each content area. click here for sample test page

My state does not require an examination. Why should I take the National Home Inspector Examination?

The National Home Inspector Examination is a home inspector competence assessment tool developed in accordance with accepted psychometric standards, insuring an unbiased, valid and reliable assessment of your skill, knowledge and experience.

The National Home Inspector Examination is currently adopted and/or recognized by twenty-nine states for home inspector regulation. It is also a membership requirement for the American Society of Home Inspectors,  American Institute of Inspectors, Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors, Alberta Professional Home Inspectors Society, Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors, and California Real Estate Inspection Association and is reimbursed by the US Veterans’ Administration.