Marketing Your Test Results

Congratulations on passing the National Home Inspector Examination®!

Your score sheet is your official record

  • If you took the examination to qualify for licensing or other regulation in your state, contact the appropriate state authority to grant your license or other document.
  • If you took the examination to qualify for membership in a professional organization, contact that body for further instructions.

Use your exam results in marketing

Whatever your reason for taking the exam, passing it is quite an achievement! You’ll want to use it to promote your home inspection services to potential customers and referral sources.

To assist you in marketing your examination accomplishment:

  • Click here for a template press release. Download this document and insert your own information and/or copy in the blank spaces. Include your name, company name and city in the headline and add the date at the beginning of the first paragraph.  You can then send it to your local newspaper, include it in your newsletter or flyer, put it in your presentation book, etc.

Be sure to highlight that you have passed the National Home Inspector Examination® in marketing materials and on your business website:

  • You may state only that you have “Passed the National Home Inspector Examination®”. (The registered mark “®” must always appear after the words “National Home Inspector Examination” or the acronym “NHIE.”)
  • Do not state “NHIE Certified” or any variation in your marketing materials. Passing this examination is not a certification.


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