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About NHIE

The National Home Inspector Examination® is the original exam for the home inspection profession. It is the only independent, psychometrically-sound home inspector exam in the United States that has also achieved independent accreditation.

Home inspectors who pass the NHIE are career-ready, with proven competence. Passage of the NHIE can help test-takers stand out from competitors and win business from buyers, sellers, developers and real estate professionals.


The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors is an independent not-for-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Illinois and tax-exempt under IRS guideline 501c(6). It serves the public interest by establishing the standard of competence for the home inspection profession. EBPHI governs and administers the National Home Inspector Examination® specifically to support the regulatory needs of states in identifying the required level of competence to conduct a quality home inspection.

A key component of maintaining the exam is to perform a Role Delineation Study (RDS) every five years. The study analyzes the profession to understand what changes have occurred and updates the exam template from which exam questions are derived. EBPHI conducted the last RDS in 2022. Click here to view the results.

Mission Statement

EBPHI supports the home inspection profession by providing high-stakes examinations and credible resources.

Strategic Plan

EXAM – Maintain the integrity and growth of the NHIE
ADVANCE – Position NHIE/EBPHI as the prevalent standard in states and municipalities.
MARKETING – Elevate awareness through PR, marketing and social media.
EBPHI GOVERNANCE -Position the people, intellectual property, and financial resources to advance the mission and serve the profession

A National Standard

By requiring home inspectors to pass the NHIE, states participate in the national standard for the professional home inspector. The NHIE addresses the core competencies of home inspection as they apply in all states. Many state regulatory bodies also wish to test knowledge of state-specific laws, regulations or standards for a profession or occupation. In the U.S. in 2023 alone, there were 5,138 National Home Inspector Exams administered.

Reliable, Cost-Effective and Accessible

The cost to develop, implement and maintain a high-stakes, legally defensible examination like the NHIE is considerable. EBPHI makes the NHIE available at no direct cost to the state because it is our mission to set the standard for home inspector competency and to assist states in protecting the public.

The NHIE is offered at a reasonable cost to examinees at more than 300 testing centers nationwide and in Canada. All centers are equipped with touchscreen computer technology and most are available six days a week. Examinees may register online or by calling a toll-free number.

EBPHI 2024 Board of Directors

Jason Murton


Scott Patterson

President Elect

Randy Sipe

Past President

George Harper


Loretta DeHay

Treasurer & Public Member

James P. Allen, ACI


Carl Brakensiek, MBA, JD

Director & Public Member

Michael Casey


Paul D. Naylor, PhD

Director & Public Member

Marlon Page


Reuben Saltzman


Charlie Sessums


Peter Sniderman


Mitch Sudy, ACI, MBA



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