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Quick Pennsylvania Facts

  • Home inspection is regulated by a Trade Practices Act
  • No licensing or registration
  • Mentoring is required
  • Continued education is required
  • There is no regulatory board


  • Not considered a licensed home inspector until they have performed over 100 home inspections (requirements for inspection association) with an inspector certified by a professional association

Statute/Code: Statutes Title 68. ch 75. § 7502

Exam: Must complete an exam approved and administered by a third party testing organization. Required to be a full member and in good standing of a national, not for profit home inspection association. Members must comply with code of conduct-which may include attending CE courses.

Not Required:

  • Licensing

Pennsylvania Home Inspection Training Pennsylvania Trade Practice Act (Act 114 of 2000, Title 68 enacted in 2000). The law in Pennsylvania provides a uniform definition for the term “home inspection” and for a national home inspection association. It establishes that a home inspector shall conduct their inspection in accordance with the standards of practice set forth by a professional home inspection trade association such as ASHI or the National Association of Home Inspectors. It further outlines consumer remedies as they relate to a home inspection, and establishes penalties for misrepresentations of fact in an inspection report. Under the law, home inspectors are required to maintain errors and omissions and general liability insurance with coverage of not less than $100,000 per occurrence and $500,000 in the aggregate. The law is scheduled to take effect in December 2001. For more information, contact the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection at (717) 787-9707.


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