Alaska Home Inspection State Regulations

Regulating Body

Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Phone: (907) 465-8443

E-mail: jerry.hannasch@alaska.gov

Address: P.O. Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Quick Alaska Facts

  • Home inspection is regulated
  • Biannual license renewal cycle (registrations expire 6/30 of even years)
  • License type(s): home inspector and associate home inspector
  • CE distance education is allowed but must be approved by the department


  • CE
    • Eight (8) hours of approved CE’s for each renewal. Four (4) hours for first time renewals for those who held registration for more than one (1) year and zero (0) for those who held registration for less than one (1) year.

Statute/Code: Alaska Statute Title 8. ch. 18. § 22 (a)(1)

Rule/Regulation: 12 Alaska Admin. Code § 22.030


  • National Home Inspector Examination
  • Exams offered by the International Code Council
    • Residential Building
    • Residential Electrical
    • Residential Mechanical
    • Residential Plumbing

Application and Licensing: Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing

Not Required

  • Field Training and Experience
  • Pre-Licensing
  • Pre-Licensing Hours

Alaska Home Inspection Training

Alaska Home Inspectors Statues and Regulations Booklet Alaska Licensure (Chapter 134 SLA enacted in 2003). In Alaska, home inspectors and associate home inspectors will be issued a certificate of registration by the Department of Community and Economic Development. To be a registered home inspector, an individual must:

  1. Pass the National Home Inspector Examination or the exam offered by the International Code Council (Residential Building, Residential Electrical, Residential Mechanical, and Residential Plumbing),
  2. Meet the educational and experience requirements as determined by the Department,
  3. Submit a complete application for registration within three years of passing the exam or accompanied by documentation that the applicant has completed continuing education requirements established by the department;,
  4. Not have been convicted of specific crimes in the past seven years of the date of the application,
  5. Not have had the authority to perform home inspections revoked in the state or another jurisdiction,
  6. Not be the subject of an unresolved criminal complaint or unresolved disciplinary action in the state and
  7. Pay the appropriate fees.

For the renewal of certificates, the Department will require at least eight hours of approved continuing competency activity in each licensing period. The Department will set the registration fees for home inspectors and associate home inspectors and determine the disciplinary actions and penalties for violating the terms of the certificate of registration. The law also sets home inspection requirements for residential loans purchased or approved by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. The law requires that a written report fulfilling certain requirements be submitted to the person requesting the inspection upon completion of an inspection that will remain valid for 180 days after the inspection and allows for civil action to be taken against home inspectors for one year after performing the inspection. The law requires the home inspector to carry General Liability insurance and a bond of $10,000. The law went into effect in 2003 and all home inspectors are required to have a license by July 1, 2004. 


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