When you want to become a home inspector, taking the National Home Inspector Examination® is an important — but only one — step in the overall process. Check out the map below to see if your state is regulated, then use our checklists to help begin your career.


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If you live in a regulated state

  1. Identify regulatory body and determine requirements for your state. Your state’s regulatory body is the best source to answer any requirement questions.
  2. Meet state requirements for education, training or experience.
  3. Study for and pass an approved exam, such as the National Home Inspector Examination®. The NHIE is used in 35 states. To find out if your state uses the exam, visit our State Regulations page.
  4. Submit an application and pay fees.
  5. Undergo background checks and moral character determinations.
  6. Purchase insurance.
  7. Get to work!
  8. Renew license over time.

If you live in an unregulated state

  1. Develop your own education plan.
  2. Study for and pass the National Home Inspector Examination®.
  3. Pursue additional trainings and certifications.
  4. Purchase insurance.
  5. Get to work!